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The Sacrament of Marriage is a covenantal union in the image of the covenants between God and his people with Abraham and later with Moses at Mt. Sinai. This divine covenant can never be broken. In this way, marriage is a union that bonds spouses together during their entire lifetime.





Peter Buckley & Jenna Marcucci


This couple will soon strengthen and seal their love in the presence of the Church through the Sacrament of Marriage. Let us support them through our prayers.






Peter Buckley & Jenna Marcucci - August 2017
Joshua Aldinger & Samantha MacDonald - June 22, 2017
Anthony DeLucia & Elise Jett - July 1, 2017
Martin Emrich & Jennfier Sassano - June 17, 2017
Joshua Zimmerman & Rebecca Braya - October 22, 2016
Michael Bilinski & Molly Donahue - October 8, 2016

Jeffery Civiletti & Amanda Ward - September 17, 2016
Christopher Zicara & Amanda Viavattine -Septemeber 3, 2016
(To Be Announced 3 Weeks before Cermony)

Renewal of Vows and Anniversaries

Frank and Marie Pettrone - 59th Anniversary Celebration
4:00 PM Mass November 26, 2016
Tom and Jean Raisbeck - 50th Anniversary Celebration
4:00 PM Mass October 22, 2016

To Be Announced 1 Week before Cermony


Zicari-Viavattine Wedding

 September 3, 2016  View Collection



Kern-Horn Wedding

 July 6, 2012  View Collection



Join St. John the Evangelist Church to receive the grace needed for a lifelong bond of unity and your new life together or to renew your vows of matrimony


Arrangements for the Sacrament of Marriage must be made at  least SIX MONTHS in advance.
Call the rectory office at 225-8980


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